September 1999: NASCAR Racing 3 released

Many things had been said about NASCAR Racing 3 before its release. Expectations were high: the GPL simulation engine was expected to be used, free internet play would finally be possible.

At first, NASCAR Racing 3 was pretty disappointing to most drivers. Updates compared to NASCAR Racing 2 and NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition were small and few. The driving model was almost the same, no hint of the engine used in Grand Prix Legends.

One thing made this sim worth every cent of its price, though: free internet multiplayer support. Finally, Europeans could start racing NASCAR online!

Press Release

WATERTOWN, Mass., August 31, 1999 -- Papyrus Design Group, 
the leading developer of auto racing simulations for the PC, will 
ship NASCAR® Racing 3, the next title in their award-winning NASCAR® 
series, in early fall. NASCAR® Racing 3 will offer fans new 
technology advances and significant enhancements to the graphics, 
sound, artificial intelligence and multiplayer systems, making it the 
most intense, heart-pounding racing simulation on the market.

In addition to racing against some of NASCAR®'s top teams and drivers 
in both the NASCAR® Winston Cup and NASCAR® Busch Grand National 
Series, players will be able to build their own racing dynasties with 
free Internet racing. Players will be holding on for control as the 
new force feedback support reacts to every move they make. 

Additional features include:
- New positional 3D audio, supporting A3D v 2.0 and 
DirectSound3D, that allows players to hear the competition swarm 
around them as other drivers close in on the final laps, as well as 
audio from the separate spotter and crew chief.

- Dynamic new engine sounds that capture the roar of the 750 
horsepower engine at full throttle.

- High-resolution graphics system, supporting 1024 x 768 and 
800 x 600 resolutions and 3Dfx and Direct3D hardware accelerators 
that bring the action into crisp, vivid detail.

- New effects such as shaded groove, specular highlighting and 
dynamic shadows and skids that dramatically enhance the racing 
experience. Translucent smoke effects will have drivers racing 
through big walls of smoke. 

- Enhanced aggressive Artificial Intelligence that requires 
players to race harder and smarter to keep up with their competition.
Although Papyrus had previously announced plans to develop NASCAR® 
Racing 3 around the physics engine in Grand Prix Legends, it was 

determined that the system requirements needed to support that model 
with a 43 car field would exceed that of virtually all systems on the 
market today. An enhanced version of the physics from previous 
NASCAR® titles will be used in NASCAR® Racing 3. Papyrus will 
continue developing its next generation physics engine for use in 
future NASCAR® products.

Papyrus Design Group
Papyrus is the motorsports software development division of Sierra 
Sports. Developers of the most compelling software-based racing 
experiences possible, Papyrus' best-selling products include the 
NASCAR® Racing and CART racing lines. NASCAR® Racing 2 was the fifth 
best-selling entertainment title in the nation in 1997, according to 
PC Data reports. 

Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line is one of the original developers and largest 
worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity 
software. Sierra, a division of Havas Interactive, is comprised of a 
family of brands: Sierra Attractions™, Sierra Home™, Sierra Sports™, 
Sierra Studios™ and Dynamix™, a Sierra Company. Havas Interactive 
holdings also include Knowledge Adventure®, Blizzard Entertainment®,