April 20, 2000: European Racing League is formed

In the USA, drivers had been able to race NASCAR online for about four years now. The scene had matured during those years to a fantastic place to be.

The European online NASCAR racing scene was almost non-existent: a few leagues did exist, using the new NASCAR Racing 3 simulation, but these were local leagues, none of these were targeted at creating a European NASCAR racing scene.

In April 2000, the European Racing League was formed, creating the first platform for European online NASCAR racing. Soon it became clear that there was a great demand for groups like this, and other leagues started getting off the ground as well, with the European NASCAR Cup (later renamed to European Stockcar Online Racing Series - ESCORS) being the most well-known. Local leagues started to get more international as well.

The European online NASCAR racing scene was finally starting to develop, and it had about four years of catching up to do!

Press Release

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Subject: NASCAR 3: European Racing League
Date: 2000/04/24
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Hi all,

Announcing the birth of the European Racing League.
Always wanted to race in a NASCAR 3 online racing league, but you didn't get
a reasonable chance because you live in Europe?

Then you're invited to visit the ERL-website and see for yourself if you
would like to join!

Visit http://drive.to/erl
Joeri J. Cox
J_Cox on N3 - ICQ# 60159253
Thrustmaster T2 Upgrade Page - http://huizen.dds.nl/~jjcox