May 1995: The announcement of Hawaii

In May 1995, Papyrus announced their first online racing network system, codenamed Hawaii. It would be a test system at first, with closed beta-testing starting soon.

Hawaii was based on servers in the Papyrus headquarters in Boston, USA, to which users could dial in and race up to 31 other drivers real-time. This was a breakthrough!

The online NASCAR racing scene was born, and would start to develop rapidly - at least, in the USA.

Press Release

Booth #1425 SOUTH HALL
CONTACT:  Ann-Marie Gianantoni

Papyrus Announces New Multi-player Online Service,
Code Named "Hawaii"

	Los Angeles, California, May 11, 1995 -- Papyrus Design Group, Inc. is 
hosting a preview of their latest invention, a Multi-player Online Service, at 
the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Papyrus has not yet announced the name of 
the service, but is referring to it by its internal code name, "Hawaii".  The 
online service, "Hawaii",  will allow Papyrus' customers who own the 
officially licensed racing simulations, NASCAR Racing or the new IndyCar 
Racing 2.0, to race against each other in groups of 32
players per race. This online service will provide for multiple concurrent 
races, and will also have a feature that supports competitive leagues.
	After participating in a multi-player NASCAR Race, Johnny Wilson, 
Editor-In- Chief of Computer Gaming World, compared NASCAR Racing single 
player to the Multi-player version, "It's the difference between watching a 
race on large screen TV and being there, since winning a race means beating 
real people instead of computer drivers.  I thought NASCAR was great before.  
It's fabulous, now!".
	"Networked multi-player games will be an important part of the future 
of interactive entertainment.  With this new service, Papyrus is going to be 
positioned as an important force in multi-player games," states Papyrus' 
President, Omar Khudari, "Multi-player NASCAR Racing is a killer application. 
 Low-latency action games like auto racing are the most fun, most addicting 
applications for network gaming."
	"Hawaii" will be accessible by modem through 1-800 numbers, in 
addition to local access numbers.  Hardware requirements for the service will 
be the same as the requirements for single player with the addition of a 9600 
(or higher) baud modem.
	Current users of NASCAR Racing will be able to download a free sign-up 
kit that will allow them to try out the service for a discounted trial period. 
 Sign-up packages will also be available direct, and will include a demo that 
will allow non-Papyrus customers to try out the service without buying a full 
software package at retail.  All future applicable Papyrus published products 
will be multi-player ready when shipped.

	Papyrus Design Group, Inc., is a software developer and publisher 
established in 1987.  Its flagship simulation, Indianapolis 500:  The 
Simulation, was published by Electronic Arts in 1989.  The company's second 
game, IndyCar Racing was released in November 1993 and has garnered numerous 
top industry awards.  NASCAR Racing is the company's third award winning 


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