December 1996: NASCAR Racing 2 is released

NASCAR Racing 2 was the long-awaited sequel to the original NASCAR Racing. The sim was based on the prequel, with some improvements.

It featured better graphics, Rendition support (back then one of the best 3D graphics boards available), and wheelspin. Wheelspin? Yes, wheelspin. NASCAR Racing one did not allow you to spin your wheels. By including wheelspin in NASCAR Racing 2, you were able to get out of your pit stall even if it was crowded in the pits.

Most important about NASCAR Racing 2, however, was that it would be well-prepared for multiplayer racing and allowed the online NASCAR racing scene to develop even further.

Press Release

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 2, 1996--Sierra On-Line Inc., the
marketshare leader of the PC entertainment industry, today announced the
release of NASCAR Racing 2, which was created by Sierra's award-winning
development division, Papyrus. 

As with all simulations developed by Papyrus, NASCAR Racing 2, which is
based on the 1996 NASCAR Winston Cup Series racing season, offers attention
to detail, a focus on realism, and an authentic driving experience with
realistic physics. The product recreates the racing world both visually and
audibly with a new interface, substantially faster SVGA graphics, and
increased use of sound effects. 

Additional new features include an arcade mode and spotter/crew chief
audio. Help features, such as braking, shifting, and steering assistance,
are available to the novice racer. Sixteen tracks are recreated with actual
cars, drivers, sponsors, and track-side scenery and billboards. 

"We are excited to offer these new features in addition to making the
product more accessible to new users by adding an arcade mode, and new user
interface," explained Adam Levesque, producer and designer of both the
original title and the upcoming sequel. 

"In addition, the development team is focused on the entire NASCAR racing
experience and has worked with NASCAR's competition officials in every
aspect of the design. We want to bring the overall excitement and thrill of
the sport to the fan." 

"NASCAR fans will be very pleased with the new authentic features found in
NASCAR Racing 2. The new arcade mode is great because it allows a first
time user to quickly experience driving in a NASCAR race," said Brian
France, NASCAR's vice president for marketing and corporate communications.

"Thousands of new fans are being introduced to NASCAR through this computer
simulation and this has a very positive effect on the entire sport, as
these computer racing competitors turn into core NASCAR fans." 

In addition to two player and direct modem play, the product includes a
network feature that allows up to eight players to race against each other
over a LAN. Players will experience racing at a whole new height when
racing against real people, as opposed to computer aided cars. 

NASCAR Racing 2 is available now on IBM PC CD-ROM at computer stores
everywhere or by calling Sierra direct at 800/757-7707. Estimated retail
price is $54.95. Other NASCAR racing products releasing this fall by
Papyrus are NASCAR Racing for Mac and NASCAR Racing for the PlayStation. 

Sierra On-Line is one of the original developers and largest worldwide
publishers of interactive entertainment, productivity and educational
software. The company recently merged with CUC Int'l, a technology-driven,
membership-services company that provides access to travel, shopping, auto,
dining, home improvement, financial and other services to 62.5 million
consumers worldwide. 

The company's common stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol CU.
Sierra's corporate headquarters are located in Bellevue. 

Incorporated in 1948, NASCAR is the most competitive form of motorsports in
the world. Close, side-by-side competition is the foundation for
NASCAR-style racing as it strives to continue to make stock car racing in
the United States highly competitive, affordable, and entertaining at
approximately 2,000 events in 12 racing divisions at more than 100 tracks
throughout the United States each year. 

In 1995, more than 10 million people attended NASCAR events around the
country, and an additional 120 million people watched NASCAR events on
television. -0- 
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NASCAR Racing, NASCAR Racing 2 and NASCAR Racing for Mac are officially
licensed by NASCAR. 

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