November 12, 1997: The NASCAR Racing Online Series takes off!

The experience gained in the Hawaii test system was used in the multiplayer capability of NASCAR Racing 2. One of the first online gaming services, TEN, was contracted as the official multiplayer gaming service. The result was the NROS: NASCAR Racing Online Series.

The NROS was an official, NASCAR sanctioned competition, the fourteenth official division. Drivers could either connect through the internet, or dial-in through local numbers from most places in the USA.

One officially sanctioned championship has been run (and many league championships), with the winner receiving some pretty great prizes, including a US$1000 ECCI CDS4000 sim racing controller and a cash prize.

The sad thing about online racing through NROS was, that it was not available to drivers from outside the USA. Some Europeans managed to race on TEN, but only by using the address of American friends or other shortcuts. Thus, the European online NASCAR racing scene still was non-existent.

Press Release

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Total Entertainment Network is the exclusive internet host

WATERTOWN, MA (November 10, 1997)  ) Papyrus Design Group, the motorsports 
division of Sierra On-Line, Inc., and NASCAR, the foremost sanctioning body of 
professional motorsports, announce their plans to begin exhibition racing on 
their long-awaited NASCAR Racing Online Series (NROS), on Wednesday, November 
12. Total Entertainment Network (TEN), the leading online gaming service, is 
the exclusive source.

Developed by NASCAR and Papyrus, the NROS is the first formalized online racing
series in history. Anyone in North America can experience authentic NASCAR 
competition with the NROS races over the Internet. All 16 tracks featured in 
their best-selling CD-ROM for Windows, NASCAR Racing 2, are available on NROS 
for racing, and each race can support more than 20 competitors. Series news is 
available at

 The NASCAR Racing Online Series positions NASCAR as the first professional 
sports league to extend its core business to the online world, stated Paul 
Brooks, NASCAR director of special projects.  Creating a competitive and 
entertaining racing product has been our business for 50 years. The fact that 
we can now bring thousands of competitors together for that same authentic 
racing experience is tremendous, Brooks said.

 Papyrus is really excited to have the opportunity to bring the excitement of 
the NASCAR sport to our customers around the country, said Papyrus Online 
Development Manager, Mike Lescault.  The launch of the NROS marks an important
milestone in the online gaming industry. Never before has a simulation so 
accurately captured both the realistic experience and the intense competitive 
enviorment of a professional sport. 

 The NROS goes beyond a typical game experience, allowing competitors to 
participate in a realistic NASCAR racing environment, something that was 
previously unattainable, said Mike Helton, NASCAR vice president for 
competition.  NASCAR officials continue to work very closely with Papyrus in 
preparation for the first fully sanctioned NROS championship in 1998, and we 
believe that this exhibition season will provide excellent training for the 
competitors, Helton said.

 Understandably, this has been a much larger undertaking than previous game 
integration projects, said Greg Harper, TEN's vice president of business 
development.   As a joint effort between TEN, Papyrus, and NASCAR, the online 
implementation of the most complex and realistic racing simulation on the 
market is a landmark achievement. 

Hawaii, Papyrus' initial foray into online racing, first went live on April 
1996. Although participation in Hawaii demanded each user call long-distance to
Papyrus' server, the service has logged over 10 million user minutes in the 
last one and a half years.

Additional details about the NROS service are available at In 
order to race on the NROS, users need a copy of NASCAR Racing 2, a 28.8 modem, 
a P100 machine or better, 16 MB of RAM, and Windows 95. TEN may be accessed by 
dialing a local access number. Papyrus also recommends a joystick or steering 
wheel for best results.

NASCAR Racing 2 for MS-DOS is currently the #6-selling entertainment title in 
the nation (according to PC Data reports) and is available at computer stores 
everywhere or by calling Sierra direct at (800) 757-7707. Estimated retail 
price is $49.95. Other NASCAR racing products in the Papyrus family are NASCAR 
Racing, NASCAR Racing for Mac and NASCAR Racing for the Playstation. 

In October, Papyrus released the NASCAR Grand National Expansion Pack. 
Featuring ten new tracks and thirty drivers from the popular NASCAR Busch 
series, the Expansion Pack enhances the experience of NASCAR Racing 2. It also 
includes two fantasy tracks.

Papyrus Design Group is a software development division of Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developers of the most compelling software-based racing experiences possible, 
Papyrus , best-selling products include the NASCAR Racing and CART Racing 
lines. Upcoming titles include NASCAR Grand National Series Expansion Pack and 
Grand Prix Legends. Winners of 4 Software Publishers Association CODIE awards, 
Papyrus has a ten-year reputation for superior use of physics and realism. 
Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, Papyrus employs 75 artists, engineers and 
marketing staff. The company's website is located at

Sierra, located in Bellevue, WA, is one of the original developers and largest 
worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software.  
In July 1996, Sierra was acquired by CUC International, Inc. (NYSE: CU), a 
technology-driven retail and membership services company that provides access 
to travel, shopping, auto, dining, home improvement, financial and other 
services to more than 70 million consumers worldwide. Sierra is part of CUC 
Software, an operating unit that consolidates the sales, manufacturing, 
finance, accounting and management of CUC International's software divisions. 

Incorporated in 1948, NASCAR© is the most competitive form of motorsports in 
the world. Close, side-by-side competition in the foundation for NASCAR©-style 
racing as it strives to continue to make stock car racing in the United States 
highly competitive, affordable, and entertaining at approximately 2,000 events 
in 12 racing divisions at more than 100 tracks throughout the United States 
each year. NASCAR's web address is

Total Entertainment Network is the premier entertainment network for game 
playing consumers on the Internet. TEN has online rights to more than 30 games 
(over half of which are TEN exclusives) by leading software publishers 
including 3D Realms Entertainment, Apogee, Blizzard, Bungie Software, Eidos 
Interactive (formerly Domark), id Software, GT Interactive, Maxis, MicroProse, 
Sierra Online/Papyrus, SSI and Westwood Studios. TEN received its initial 
funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, with subsequent investors 
including Ameritech; Goldman Sachs; Robertson, Stephens  Co.; Vertex 
Management; Wasserstein Perella Ventures.

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Sierra press releases are available on the Internet, via the Sierra Web at 

For more information, please call Erica Kohnke of Papyrus at (617) 528-1104,