October 1998: NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition is released

This incarnation was hardly more than a slight update of NASCAR Racing 2. Some new tracks were available, and it was NROS-ready right from the box. Nothing new, nothing famous.

Press Release


CONTACT: Erica Kohnke, Sierra Sports, (541) 334-4962

Eugene OR (September 24, 1998) - Sierra Sports, publisher of the world's
realistic sports software, today announced plans to ship NASCAR Racing -
1999 Edition this October. The most extensive NASCAR experience available
for the PC market, NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition is developed by the award
winning Papyrus team, and features NASCAR's top three racing series,
including the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, a first for any racing

Featuring all three of NASCAR's top racing series in one box, NASCAR Racing
- 1999 Edition allows users to experience the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series
for the first time, along with updated 1998 cars and tracks from the NASCAR
Winston Cup Series and the NASCAR Busch Grand National Series.

Racing a Craftsman Truck is a completely new experience for racing sim fans,
and NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition features the accurate rules and vehicle
dynamics that make the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series different from any
other racing series. A driver of a Craftsman Truck contends with more front
drag, and less rear downforce than NASCAR cars, especially on faster tracks,
and a Craftsman Truck operates with slightly less horsepower.

Of the 34 tracks Sierra Sports has included in NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition,
12 have been unavailable in previous racing simulations. These include Las
Vegas, Homestead, and Heartland Park Topeka. In addition, 3Dfx and
Rendition 3D-accelerator support is included in both new products.

As usual, drivers of NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition can head into the pits to
customize their NASCAR cars and trucks with the most detailed set-up mode
on the market. Drivers may account for the differences in each of the
tracks as they set-up and head for a NASCAR Championship.

"There is nothing else out there that delivers as realistic an experience as
NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition," said NASCAR Winston Cup driver Bobby
Labonte. "I recommend this simulation to fans who want to get the closest to
the real thing."

According to Sean Gleason, Director of Marketing for Sierra Sports, the
experience of NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition allows drivers the in-depth,
accurate experience they come to expect from Sierra Sports products,
including the unparalleled accuracy of the Papyrus physics model.

"With NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition, Sierra Sports has focused on the
realism of the NASCAR experience." Gleason said, "We discuss each
simulation feature with NASCAR drivers, we send our developers to racing
school, and we fly our artists across the country to painstakingly record
unique aspects of each track. The resulting simulation is a completely
environment where any driver can race Dale Earnhardt or Bobby Labonte for
the Winston Cup Championship."

Owners of NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition will also be able to access online
racing on Sierra Sports' NASCAR Racing Online Series (www.nros.com),
hosted by the Total Entertainment Network (TEN). On the NROS, racing fans
can take on opponents from around the world, and test their skills on the
tracks made famous with NASCAR Racing 2.
The complete list of the tracks included in NASCAR Racing - 1999 Edition is
as follows:

Tracks from the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
Evergreen Speedway, Flemington Speedway, Hearland Park Topeka I-70, Las
Vegas Motor Speedway, Louisville Motor Speedway, Memphis Motorsports
Park, Metro Dade/Homestead, Mesa Marin Raceway, Pikes Peak
International Raceway, and Portland Speedway.

Tracks from the NASCAR Winston Cup Series
Atlanta Motor Speedway, Bristol International Raceway, California Speedway,
Charlotte Motor Speedway, Darlington Raceway, Dover Downs International
Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Martinsville Speedway, New
Hampshire Speedway, North Carolina Motor Speedway, Phoenix International
Raceway, Richmond International Raceway, Sears Point Raceway, Talladega
Superspeedway, Texas Motor Speedway, and Watkins Glen International.

Tracks from the NASCAR Busch Grand National Series
Gateway International Raceway, Hickory Motor Speedway, Indianapolis
Raceway Wark, The Milwaukee Mile, Myrtle Beach Speedway, Nazareth
Speedway, South Boston Speedway, Pikes Peak International Raceway,
Metro-Dade Homestead, and National Speedway USA.

NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition, a CD-ROM for DOS and Windows 95, will carry
a suggested retail price of $49.95. Owners of any Sierra Sports NASCAR
product will be eligible for a $20.00 rebate on the NASCAR Racing - 1999
product. Both products will be available at computer stores everywhere or by
calling Sierra direct at (800) 757-7707 this winter. The Sierra Sports
(www.sierrasports.com) contains more information about NASCAR Racing --
1999 Edition and other Sierra Sports titles and events.

Papyrus is the motorsports software development division of Sierra Sports.
Developers of the most compelling software-based racing experiences
possible, Papyrus' best-selling products include the NASCAR Racing and
CART Racing lines. NASCAR Racing 2 for MS-DOS was last year's sixth
best-selling entertainment title in the nation (according to PC Data

Unveiled at the 1998 Daytona 500, Sierra Sports is one of Sierra's six
best-selling brands, and publishes the most complete list of high quality
simulations on the market. A common passion unites Sierra Sports developers
such as Dynamix, Papyrus, Headgate and the Sierra Sports NW team --
commitment to the true spirit of sport. Upcoming titles from Sierra Sports
Grand Prix Legends, Viper Racing, NFL Football Pro 99, PGA Championship
Golf - 1999 Edition, Basketball Pro 99, Fantasy Sports Pro, Skiing 99,
Soccer Manager, Trophy Buck, Trophy Bass 3D, and Trophy Marlin.

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