May 1999: NROS ready demo of NASCAR Racing released

In May 1999, a demo version of NASCAR Racing 2 was released, which allowed drivers to race on two tracks in the NROS: Atlanta and Watkins Glen.

You did not need to register for this, enabling European drivers to finally enjoy the bliss of online NASCAR racing. Despite the fact that only two tracks were included, many Europeans had some fantastic first-time experiences using this demo!

Press Release


Howdy all r.a.s.ers.

The NROS, NASCAR Racing Online Series, a sanctioned NASCAR division racing
with the NASCAR Racing 2 software on the TEN - Total Entertainment Network,
is proud to announce that they opened the first free NROS arena.  People
often didn't wanted to try the NROS because of the cost of the racing per
month (a fair and cheap 13$ per month, still), so we decided to offer to you
the opportunity to see what is exactly the NROS, and why it has over 7000

Owners of NASCAR 2 can race on Atlanta and Watkins Glen using a free TEN
account and the current enablers. Those new to NASCAR 2 can download the
two-track demo (9.7MB) to race online. A number of the race options are
limited (race length, rankings etc.), but otherwise it is just like running
on Atlanta and the Glen with a full account.

We will be posting links to the free signup and detailed information on
downloading the demo at